Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wrigley Field Name Change?

Go Cubs Go!!!

Hi Everybody,

I think blogging is a great thing, however I simply don't have the time to contribute to such an endeavour. Maybe I'll catch the writing bug as the Cubs march on towards a potential championship run. However, I felt compelled to write for the first time since last October. Hope you enjoy! If not, my 1-3 readers, I sincerely apologize for waisting your time. Hopefully the pictures made you laugh.

Lou's horse pick of the day, Sir Kingsford in the 6th at Pimlico


I feel it's OK to rename Wrigley. As a baseball fan, I would certainly miss the historical value attached to the name. However people shared the same concern about Comiskey Park's name change a few years back, and I think they won a title in Camel Light Field, or what ever they call it. (I say "I think they won" is because once the Cubs are out of it, I quit following baseball and my focus shifts to The Bears. Don't hate the Sox, just don't care. )

But honestly does a moniker or real estate remove anything about a team or it's history? The Bulls won a 3-peat in 2 different buildings. Cubs aren't even talking about moving. The argument lies solely in the name. Even if the name of the stadium is changed, the famous Wrigley Field Marquee will have to stay the same. The marquee is protected by the Chicago city council, and declared a local landmark.

Financially, it makes great sence. If we can sign a lease for someone to pay for their name to be on the marque at the stadium for lets say $20 mil per year for 10 years, that $200 mil will help defray the costs of our multiple back loaded contracts to Z, Soriano, Aramis, and Lee. Also, I don't want to get hit with another outrageous ticket increase, or at least lessen the amount extracted from my wallet.

It costs money to put a quality product on the field, so why not let Canadian Club or Starbucks help pay for it. Wrigley has been enjoying some discount advertising for years, time to enjoy some new revenue streams that don't involve the finances of the average fan. Juicy Fruit sucks anyways.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Argument For Orton

What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

Viewing the past few Bears Games has made me quite queasy, even the ones in which we were victorious. It seemed for a while that our interim QB was, much like Stella, getting his groove back. This past Sunday proved otherwise. Previous Sundays have shown that Grossman is not the answer either. All we are saying, is Give Jack Daniels a chance.

We have nothing to lose, as this season is already an embarrassment. We need to see if K-Ort is a viable option for the future. Below I have assembled a list, some actually based on factual information, as to why we should start said Boilermaker.

1) 2005 – Led Bears to division title by starting 15 games as a rookie while helping Chicago to a 10-5 record in those contests… Set Bears rookie records with 15 starts, 10 wins, 368 pass attempts, 190 completions, 1,869 yards and 9 TD passes (tie)… First Bears QB to start more than 13 games in a season since Erik Kramer started all 16 in 1995

2) Named his dog Elaine after the Seinfeld character

3) He's in a band (far right)4) Brew Drees QB'd at Purdue, he is good. Hence, Orton must be too!

5) Drunks succeed in Chicago (See Hack Wilson, Randy Hundley. Don't See Todd Hundley)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Let the Man Sing!!!

I am so sick of this stupid "Win a Chance to Sing the Seventh Inning Stretch" contest. Did you hear Santo sing tonight? I'm voting for him. As a child I remember seeing a crazy old man leading us in song at the ballpark. Everyone in the stadium seemed to like it. Harry became so synonymous with the 7th inning, even Will Farrell poked fun at the guy on SNL. Why not let Santo carry on this tradition? He propelled us back to victory tonight!
1.0 game up on the Beer Makers. Magic Number 13

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Ah, football season is upon us. A few talking points before gametime...

1) Will Leon Joe be the impact player we expect him to be? Is he the answer if Urlacher or Briggs go down? Do you know who I'm talking about? I don't know why I get a kick out of seeing "Joe" on the back of someone's jersey. Not since "He Hate Me" has a jersey given me that much joy. Ok, "THE RIOT" pleases me as well, but we are talking football, damnit!

2) Were you aware that MC Gould has Mike Control?

3) This guy is really our QB?

4) Is he good? I hope not.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Do We Have Jacque Jones in Center and Not Juan Pierre?

"Cubs, this is 1976 Ziggy Stardust Bowie. Stop losing, Cubs."

Eye of the Tiger...

Sure a season has it's ups and downs, and this is to be expected. Hell, Cubs lost 74 games in 2003 and that was a good year! However on this date in 2003, the Cubs won 7-6 over the Cardinals to take 4 out of 5 that series. The then jumped on a bus and swept the Brewers. To quote the Beach Boys, Wouldn't It Be Nice?

How does Lou fix this mess?

1) It is time for a vintage Sweet Uncle Lou Tirade! Worked last time Zambrano went crazy, right?

2) The Riot's glorious return to the lead-off spot. If all Soriano can do is strike out and hit home runs, he is Sammy! Bat him 5th. However, Sammy would give up his boom-box for Soriano's Hand-Cannon.

3) Cut Will Ohman. How will that help you ask? Don't have a good rebuttal, just cut Will Ohman.

4) Wait, was that Steve Trachsel pitching tonight? Who else does Hendry have up his sleeve? My money is on Gary Gaetti or Felix Heredia

At least the Bears don't have to go up against the best player in football this week, because that would suck.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wilkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Come on in

New Poll Sugests 64% of Cub Fans in Favor of Proposed Sistine Chapel Ceiling Modifications

Welcome to my attempt at the wide, wide world of blogs. I will rant, dissect the Chicago Cubs, give my opinions on music, politics, dance parties and much much more. You are invited to play along! Words of wisdom appearing fortnightly, or more often if time permits.

Special thanks to all 40,884 of you who came out to Lou and Dan's Birthday Fiesta last night at Wrigley. We had fun. Lou and I were making prank phone calls to Jim Hendry's cell phone after we took the lead in the bottom half of the 7th. Lou does the best Uecker impression. All night he was quoting Major League, both in reference to the plays on the field and used as motivational tools during key game situations. Before The Riot's chopper to the pitcher that resulted in a hit, Lou yelled to him in the on-deck circle, "This guy threw at his own son in a father-son game." If you were watching the game on TV you could still see The Riot laughing while he was standing on first base. Moments like that illustrate Sweet Lou's ability to connect with his players in a way that Dusty never could.