Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wrigley Field Name Change?

Go Cubs Go!!!

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I think blogging is a great thing, however I simply don't have the time to contribute to such an endeavour. Maybe I'll catch the writing bug as the Cubs march on towards a potential championship run. However, I felt compelled to write for the first time since last October. Hope you enjoy! If not, my 1-3 readers, I sincerely apologize for waisting your time. Hopefully the pictures made you laugh.

Lou's horse pick of the day, Sir Kingsford in the 6th at Pimlico


I feel it's OK to rename Wrigley. As a baseball fan, I would certainly miss the historical value attached to the name. However people shared the same concern about Comiskey Park's name change a few years back, and I think they won a title in Camel Light Field, or what ever they call it. (I say "I think they won" is because once the Cubs are out of it, I quit following baseball and my focus shifts to The Bears. Don't hate the Sox, just don't care. )

But honestly does a moniker or real estate remove anything about a team or it's history? The Bulls won a 3-peat in 2 different buildings. Cubs aren't even talking about moving. The argument lies solely in the name. Even if the name of the stadium is changed, the famous Wrigley Field Marquee will have to stay the same. The marquee is protected by the Chicago city council, and declared a local landmark.

Financially, it makes great sence. If we can sign a lease for someone to pay for their name to be on the marque at the stadium for lets say $20 mil per year for 10 years, that $200 mil will help defray the costs of our multiple back loaded contracts to Z, Soriano, Aramis, and Lee. Also, I don't want to get hit with another outrageous ticket increase, or at least lessen the amount extracted from my wallet.

It costs money to put a quality product on the field, so why not let Canadian Club or Starbucks help pay for it. Wrigley has been enjoying some discount advertising for years, time to enjoy some new revenue streams that don't involve the finances of the average fan. Juicy Fruit sucks anyways.

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JMH said...

That's a reasonable argument. Hey, later, do you want to go down to Canadian Clubville and watch the game?