Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Do We Have Jacque Jones in Center and Not Juan Pierre?

"Cubs, this is 1976 Ziggy Stardust Bowie. Stop losing, Cubs."

Eye of the Tiger...

Sure a season has it's ups and downs, and this is to be expected. Hell, Cubs lost 74 games in 2003 and that was a good year! However on this date in 2003, the Cubs won 7-6 over the Cardinals to take 4 out of 5 that series. The then jumped on a bus and swept the Brewers. To quote the Beach Boys, Wouldn't It Be Nice?

How does Lou fix this mess?

1) It is time for a vintage Sweet Uncle Lou Tirade! Worked last time Zambrano went crazy, right?

2) The Riot's glorious return to the lead-off spot. If all Soriano can do is strike out and hit home runs, he is Sammy! Bat him 5th. However, Sammy would give up his boom-box for Soriano's Hand-Cannon.

3) Cut Will Ohman. How will that help you ask? Don't have a good rebuttal, just cut Will Ohman.

4) Wait, was that Steve Trachsel pitching tonight? Who else does Hendry have up his sleeve? My money is on Gary Gaetti or Felix Heredia

At least the Bears don't have to go up against the best player in football this week, because that would suck.

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